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Commonly Asked Questions about Volunteering

What is hospice?

Hospice is a way for individuals with advanced illnesses to live with comfort, dignity, hope, and support. Hospice Care provides services to both patients and their families.

What role do volunteers play?

 Hospice Care volunteers work closely with our nurses, social workers, and spiritual care counselors to bring emotional and practical help to patients and families at a time when it means so much. Volunteers also work behind the scenes in the office or at special events that make our work possible.

I don't know anything about hospice.  How can I help?

Specialized training in the hospice philosophy and services prepares our volunteers to understand the needs of patients and families and the best ways to sensitively communicate and give support.

Why should I become a Hospice Care Volunteer?

Volunteering for Hospice Care offers unique opportunities for personal satisfaction and growth. Volunteers can make a significant difference in another’s life by contributing
their time, energy, compassion, and ideas. They also gain experience and insight into how people can cope well with the challenges of serious illness and the death of a loved one.

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